For a number of years I had the idea of going around Venezia photographing its churches. Because of the nature of my main project (Venezia a Novembre) however, I hardly had any time to develop this thought and actually produce any photographs. In January 2017, I was awarded with the Emily Harvey Foundation Residency and was able to live in Venezia continuously for an extended period of time. The nature of the Novembre endeavor required specific weather conditions for my images to have a sense of cohesion and continuity. During the first weeks of my stay under the Foundation's grant, the sunny and cloudless sky was not conducive to generating anything new for my main project. I took advantage of this "adversity" to start photographing the churches. I selected 100 and set out to find them. I encountered many pleasures and far more challenges than what I had anticipated: the topography of the city, foundations that weren't perfectly square, narrow alleyways with no space for even the widest lens to record a complete façade... Attaining straight lines was sometimes virtually impossible, so I've left the crooked remain crooked, I've let the leaning towers be. This is, after all, a documentary of sorts. What you see here is only a fraction of a much larger work that remains in progress: 100 is just a starting point and, once I get there, I might just keep going.   -A. M